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Email Forwarding

Get the most fun and memorable email address you’ve ever had, conveniently forwarded to your existing mailbox. Give your new (and shorter) address to friends, family, or whoever you want. It’s your life.

Web Page

Set up your own little home on the web with an address that’s easy to remember. Design your own page, your way, and have fun with it. You can also forward your address to someplace else if you’d prefer.

All for just $5/year which you probably already spent on coffee this morning.

Lifetime plans are also available, and they’re cheap too.


No trackers, no ads, and no cookies. This is the web as it should be.


Passwordless logins, 2FA, and TLS (HTTPS) keeps you safe and sound.


We’ve stripped things down to the essentials to make everything easy.


Enjoy using our magnificently short and fun domain name.


At 42 cents per month, bubblegum is more expensive.


We keep things fun around here because that’s how we like them.


Details matter, and we endlessly obsess over all of them.


Get help from a real person who actually cares about your experience.

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