Get the coolest domain name you’ve ever had.

Plus web stuff, email forwarding, and more!



We focus on a few core features, with lots of goodies for each.

Web Page

Set up your own little home on the web with an address that’s easy to remember. Use our pre-made profile pages, or design your own page, your way, and have fun with it. You can also forward your address to another existing site if that’s your thing.

  • Full control over your address
  • Simple page hosting
  • Super nice profile pages

🎈 Jules Verne

Hey, I’m Jules! 👋 I, uh, really like balloons. Like, a lot. I wrote a book called Five Weeks in a Balloon that’s about three guys who travel across Africa in a balloon. I also wrote Around the World in Eighty Days which didn’t feature a balloon (it was only in the movie!) but everyone thinks it does because they know how much I love balloons! In Off on a Comet I included a balloon that heroically saved some lives. Then there’s Mysterious Island in which a balloon is hijacked! I also wrote an essay entitled 24 Minutes in a Balloon. So yeah I totally love balloons! 🎈❤️

Email Forwarding

Get the most fun and memorable email address you’ve ever had, conveniently forwarded to your existing personal mailbox. Give your new address to friends, family, and enemies alike.

  • Speedy, secure delivery of forwarded emails to your existing mail service
  • Unlimited aliases with the “+” delimiter
  • Email activity logs
  • Inbound email webhooks (coming to beta soon!)

Domain Name

Forget about a .com—they’re all taken! And don’t waste another minute wading through the ocean of other TLDs out there. Just embrace your inner goofball and register the most incredible domain name you’ve ever laid eyes on: your name.

  • Manage all of your favorite DNS records, like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, and TXT!
  • Manage NS records, too, for complete control of your domain name!
  • OMG.LOL is on the Public Suffix List, so it’s treated as a top-level domain.


Set up as many PURLs (persistent URLs) as you’d like, on your domain and with our ultra-cool URL.LOL service. Like and

All for just $5/year

These are just a few of the things that make OMG.LOL awesome.


No trackers or ads here. We respect your privacy the same as our own.


2FA, and TLS, and secure email keeps you safe and sound.


Our delightfully simple controls make it fun to manage your service.


Our short, fun domain name offers a unique home on the web.


At just 42 cents per month, we couldn’t price it any lower.


We keep things fun around here because that’s how we roll.


Details matter, and we endlessly obsess over all of them.


You can always get help from a real person who cares.

New Stuff

We add new features routinely to keep things useful and interesting.


This is your own space, just for you, the way you want it.

Sound good?

We’d love to have you here!