Get the most fun online presence that you’ve ever had.

Prami, the logo

It starts with your name. See if yours is available:

Then, make yourself a really nice profile page

Whip up a fun profile page in just a few seconds. Customize the heck out of it and make it your very own thing. Share it with the world, and update it as often as you’d like.

an’s profile page
blue’s profile page
chi’s profile page

And set up your email forwarding

Electronic Mail

Subject:omg this joke!

where do bad rainbows go? prism! (it’s a light sentence)

Email ain’t dead yet. Dazzle your friends, family, or total strangers with your jealousy-inducing OMG.LOL email address featuring swift forwarding to your existing mailbox.

Or send email with Fastmail

We’ve partnered with Fastmail for their reliable, fast, and privacy-focused email service. If you’re already a Fastmail customer, it’s easy to connect your OMG.LOL address to send email. If you’re not, you can save 10% on your first year of the best email out there.

The beautiful Fastmail logo

Take control with DNS

Yo nerds: we’re an eTLD on the Public Suffix List. You’ll get full control over your DNS settings for your address, so you can add records and point them wherever you’d like.

$ dig +nocmd any +multiline +noall +answer 300 IN A 300 IN TXT "v=spf1 -all" 300 IN MX 10 300 IN MX 20


$ (haha look at me i’m a hackerman)

And a few more things

Privacy matters here. There are no trackers, no gratuitous data logging, and no BS.

Want a custom static web page instead of a profile page? We’ll host one for you.

Point your address anywhere you’d like with super-simple URL redirection.

Use our URL.LOL PURL service to create and share your own fun links.

Join our fun and extremely chill community on Slack and hang out with cool people.

Enjoy routine enhancements, continuous improvement, and fun surprises.

All of this is just $5 per year

That’s really cheap. Maybe too cheap? Yeah, we should raise our prices. But until we do, it’s just $5.

Buy an address

That’s the end of our sales pitch.

Thanks for checking us out. Even if you’re not interested, we still think you’re cool. But if you are interested, go on ahead and sign up—we’d love to have you!

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